About IPP

IIP Resources have three wings IPP Lead and Metal Co. Ltd., IPP Metal and Scrap Co. Ltd., Remell Alloy Co. Ltd and is involved in extrusion of non-ferrous metals and plastic. We have recently acquired Remell Alloy Co. Ltd to expand our business and to cater our global customers like Greenwich Metal and Heneken.

Ever since our inception, our leaders Ms Prieeyaporn Lekwatthanarot and Mr. Praveen Kumar Singh have strived to produce various forms of high quality non-ferrous metals for our customers which make us a credible and trusted name in the industry. We are backed by a team of well qualified engineers who are dedicated to work round the clock contributing towards the growth of our company and of our customers.

We cater to a range of non-ferrous metals right from manufacturing of Pure Lead and all kind of Lead Alloys like Antimonial Lead Alloy, Calcium, Selenium, Copper, Tin, Arsenic Lead Alloy etc. and Magnesium Alloys like AZ91 D, AM60 and AM50. and both PP and ABS plastic extrusion as per customer specifications in terms of size and shape in record lead time. These are manufactured in our technically advanced manufacturing units which comply with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 industry standards.

We have state of art manufacturing unit to produce world class products as per our customer's requirements. We have stringent quality policy which embarks our professional attitude and dedication towards meeting our customer’s expectations. Our plant is strategically located in the industrial estate in Chaochoengsao province, Thailand and have a capacity of over 2000T per month.

We firmly believe that quality is strongest statement that one can make to its customers and that is what we are determined to achieve with every batch of our manufacture. We also think that each employee of our company is equally important, and we choose to keep our human resource abreast with industry benchmarks. We continuously train them and mentor them to enable them to give their best in whatever role they have in the company. We also continuously thrive to improve our operations by introducing latest technological advancements and employing best methods to produce our goods so as to have least impact on the environment.