Our Business

Our Business have three streams - IPP Lead and Metal Co. Ltd., IPP Metal and Scrap Co. Ltd., Remell Alloy Co. Ltd. Which is involved in metal and plastic extrusion. We deal in extrusion and supply of lead, magnesium and plastic. Our companies are both ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified, which means we follow all the industry standards of manufacturing and environmental control in our extrusion process. We have recently acquired Remell Alloy Co. Ltd. We deal in various kinds of non-ferrous metals like Aluminium, Copper, Zinc and scrap alloys. Our facility is strategically located in industrial estate in Chaochoengsao province, Thailand, close to the heart of die casting industry in Thailand. Our specialties include Magnesium Ingots, Aluminium Ingots, Trading, Scrap resellers, and Manufacturing.

Magnesium & Magnesium Alloy

The Company is engaged in Manufacturing and Sale of Magnesium Alloys like AZ91 D, AM60 and AM50. The factory has 2 X 100 T/Month capacity of Magnesium Melting and Alloying. The Furnaces have been imported from “Rauch” Austria. The product is sold to Japanese Customers in Thailand and as well exported to USA. Some of the unique features of our manufacturing plant are –

  • Product oxidation protection by use of SO2 & N2 Gas
  • Use of LPG as fuel for melting
  • Electrical Heated Holding Furnace
  • Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • Caster

Lead Extrusion

The Company is in Process of installing Lead Extrusion Line, for manufacturing of Wires to be used for Bullet production line. Some of the salient features of lead extrusion lines set up by us are --

  • High Efficiency T Shape Ingot up to 100 Kg weight can be used.
  • Superior dimensional tolerance of the Extruded Product
  • With Cooling of Die and Heating of Metal, having inbuilt features of machines, consistent microstructure in the product

We do lead extrusion as per your desired length, weight and shape. These extrusions are produced using high pressure which leads to the desired shape. Our lead extrusion extends from 1/8 inch to 4-inch diameter.

Plastic (PP & ABS) Extrusion

Our custom fabrication is well known across the globe. We have turn-key capabilities to be your partner in true sense. Our specialties include fabrication per unusual specifications, meeting short lead times and other extrusion related challenges. We support both ABS and PP Plastic extrusion.

ABS is known for its casting for domestic appliances and toys and have very high impact resistance to high as well as low temperatures. ABS come with good chemical resistance and have great adhesive properties. We provide it in all forms of pipes and related profiles which are commonly available.

PP Plastic has characteristic high melting point and is quite resistant to cracking and stress. Very well suited for applications which require tough and robust range like protective car bumpers and life saving tools. It does not react with water, detergents, acids, or bases and is quite durable.