Heneken is a new company which was founded in the year 2007, however their growth has been fast. They are one of the major suppliers of non-ferrous metals in European markets and deliver thousands of tons of raw material to their variety of channel partners across the world. They are primarily located in Bratislava. To keep this pace of growth they have chosen partners like us to deliver them on time and with quality. To them customer satisfaction is part of their professional values and they cannot compromise that at any cost.

Greenwich Metals Inc.

Greenwich Metals is a leader in metal business and are known for their high standards. Working with them have provided us an opportunity to display our capabilities to produce high quality metals as demanded in international markets. For them Customer Satisfaction is their top priority and their priority is our responsibility. While they maintain superior quality, they do not umbrage it with high price and want to remain competitive in the market. And ISO 9000 compliance is once of their primary requirement. They get all this in our deliveries thus making us one of their preferred suppliers of metals like lead and magnesium.