The short-term mission of our company is to strive to gain excellence in our business and slowly become market leaders in non-ferrous metals industry through our quality initiatives while maintaining our environmental policies. We want to do this while nurturing our employees and develop our technological wing to produce state of class material.

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The companies IPP Lead and Metal Co. Ltd., IPP Metal and Scrap Co. Ltd., Remell Alloy Co. Ltd falls under the umbrella of IPP Resources Co. Ltd. The Factory is in “Violet” Industrial Zone of Chachaengsao Province. The company is running under the guidance of experienced mentors like Ms Prieeyaporn Lekwatthanarot and Mr. Praveen Kumar Singh who have more ten years of experience in same field and have strived all their lives to gain excellence in their work and nurture their teams and business. The Remell Alloys Co., Ltd, is a Board of Investment (BOI) promoted company which was established with equity of 24 MB.






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